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Publication date: 2018-02-03 14:02.

8775 If I ever do have a family (unlikely), I will make sure it is established within the framework of a religion (likely christianity), even though I myself do not believe in a god (because I simply can 8767 t). 8776

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boo fucking hoo.
Why don 8767 t you salve your conscience by paying some native group your life savings for your ignorant sin of bringing them out of the stone age?

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On to watch my son score his first goal for his local football (that 8767 s soccer btw) team, just 65 minutes after being moved to the forward position, what joy! And now surely fully shariah compliant? But really? To stand and joke with other fathers including those of the opposition without animosity, frivolous and fatuous, and fun for all the family. Does that sound like shariah to you?

Even Morsi supporters revolted. After a year of protests, the Muslim Brotherhood was unseated , Morsi was jailed , and the military took over, installing General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi as President. The world--especially the West--moved on.

nope, designated victim laws only work one way.
Try suing a Jew sometime for violating your religious right not to be charged interest it 8767 s right there in the bible.
And yet, if you own a restaurant, and serve a jew something that may have shared a fryer with a piece of bacon, you can get sued out the yin-yang. Even though THEY bought it, and knew full well your restaurant served pig products.

Just Googled this pop-science article. Apparently there is such a thing as a 8775 God gene 8776 as revealed by twin-studies. The likelihood of having faith or spirituality is correlated with the presence of some genes. News to me. Not unbelievable though, psychopathy has a genetic component as well, along with most mental disorders.

It is a lovely paradox, because if ever they were to truly succeed, they would destroy themselves in the process. It is, in short, absolutely hilarious.

The problem is that no real discussions can develop, since we are all busy commenting on the latest posts. But as I said, I do value your opinion, and those of several others too, so if you could trouble yourself If you want to read, that is want me to transmit that excerpt, then get ready to be REALLY saddened and angry.

The other night I was watching a series on Winston Churchill. The parallels were AMAZING with Neville Chamberlain. Neville did love his country though. He was an appeasing idealist. He was wrong and Churchill proved to be right. Both the and the need a CHURCHILL!

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