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Fusion Dragonoid is Drago's final form in the anime. He evolved by the power of the gate and key during the battle against Mag Mel and Evolved Razenoid. He easily avoided Evolved Razenoid's attacks and was able to defeat him with one powerful blow. He then returns to Earth with Dan and everyone is happy to see them. He is the first Baku Sky Raider Bakugan to appear in the anime, and the first Sky Raider Guardian Bakugan. His Mechtogan Destroyer is Dragonoid Destroyer. His G-Power is 6755.

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Drago once again appears in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia , this time saving the other Bakugan from the Vexos. This form is a "downgrade" since The Legendary Soldiers of Vestroia had to separate him from the Perfect Core to give him a body. In this evolution of Drago he has four Perfect Core Ability Cards. His Bakugan Trap is Scorpion. His G-Power is 955.

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When Wavern gives the Infinity Core to Drago, he turned into Infinity Dragonoid. He gains an enormous power level of 6555 Gs, and also has a diamond-shaped gem on his chest. Upon gaining the Infinity Core, he could use all of the elemental attacks, and the combination ability, Dextra Attack.

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When Thor's evil brother, Loki ( Tom Hiddleston ), gains access to the unlimited power of the energy cube called the Tesseract , Nick Fury ( Samuel L. Jackson ), director of . , initiates a superhero recruitment effort to defeat the unprecedented threat to Earth. Joining Fury's "dream team" are Iron Man ( Robert Downey, Jr. ), Captain America ( Chris Evans ), the Hulk ( Mark Ruffalo ), Thor ( Chris Hemsworth ), the Black Widow ( Scarlett Johansson ) and Hawkeye ( Jeremy Renner ).

Drago (ドラゴ , Dorago ? ) is Dan Kuso 's Guardian Bakugan and the Bakugan main protagonist of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers anime series. He serves as a battle partner, a guardian, and source of wisdom. Although he is impatient and a pacifist, he wants to help Dan protect Earth and Vestroia. He is the direct descendant of the original Dragonoid , one of the two first Bakugan ever created.

Meanwhile , the Other meets with his master, whom has his back turned, and informs him of Loki's failure. He shares his concerns over the strength of Earth's heroes, commenting that attempting to challenge them again would be "to court Death." At this, the master turned around, revealing them to be Thanos , and smiled sadistically.

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Like all Dragonoids, Drago has the power to evolve. As Delta Dragonoid, his horn faces forward with smaller horns on his face giving a cobra-like look, and a grey crest on his chest. He also received a power boost, increasing from 955 Gs to 955 Gs. His new attacks include the Ability Card D-Strike (which increases his power level by 755 G) and he gains a Fusion Ability called D-Strike Extreme. He evolved into this during Dan 's battle with Julio , Chan Lee and Klaus von Hertzon. During this battle, Drago became encased in a giant rock with cooled and flowing lava inside. Unlike other Dragonoids, however, Drago possesses the Ultimate Warrior Gene , which he had inherited from his ancestor, Genesis Dragonoid.

Mercury Dragonoid is a special form of Titanium Dragonoid. Using the power of the Gate and Key, similar to how he shared his powers to make Mechtogan for the other Brawlers, he switched body parts with Infinity Helios and Taylean.

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