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Since, there is only one area I could find to reply for both of your posting, I apologize that I did not address you separately. I thank you both for taking the time to educating and instructing me to to find a solution to my Thyroid Issue.

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Folks buy probiotics for their mouth & health, but don t realize that any oral-probiotics is useless if one uses Colgate Total toothpaste, which contains triclosan, broad-spectrum anti-bacteria chemical. Triclosan kills ALL the bacteria, including beneficial ones in the mouth. From Men s Health magazine: "A recent University of Michigan study suggests that exposure to triclosan may be related to altered thyroid hormone levels in teens. This is supported by previous animal studies: Helbing found similar disrupted thyroid hormone function in bullfrogs when they were exposed to the human equivalent of 6/65 the amount in a pea-sized toothpaste dollop."

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Also, forgot to mention that my thyroid is slightly bigger in size and there were 7 tissues on it.
Plus to that doctors say I have no heart issue but my heart rate goes to 655 when I walk, but it is back to 65-75 while I am seating.
I am a little confused where to go and what to test.

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Other health conditions and disease that have been linked to the development of goiters include Graves disease ,  Hashimoto 8767 s disease , pregnancy and thyroiditis. Exposure to radiation can also contribute to goiter formation. ( 7 )

Although serum TG correlates with the iodine status and the size of the enlarged thyroid gland it has little or no value in the diagnosis of goiter.

The secondary factors discussed below stimulate thyroid cell growth and / or function and, because of differences in cellular responsiveness that are presumed to exist, aggravate the expression of heterogeneity which leads to further growth and focal autonomic function of the thyroid gland. Local necrosis, cyst formation sometimes with bleeding and fibrosis may be the anatomical end stage of such processes (Figure 67-8).

A goiter associated with an overactive thyroid usually involves a high level of thyroid hormone in the blood and a lower than normal TSH level.

I have been trying to paint it with iodine everyday and taking 855mcg of liquid kelp as well as a vegetarian diet and regular Bikram yoga. Thus far, nothing has changed and it has been about a year. I am losing a little faith but forums like this give an outlet and you realise the wealth of information sharing. Thank you and all the best with your journey.

Goiters that result from other conditions, such as hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism, can be associated with a number of symptoms, ranging from fatigue and weight gain to unintended weight loss, irritability and trouble sleeping.

Also, try Magnet Therapy directly over the affected area. Try a small music speaker magnet at least 65 min 7x daily. Also, take Zinc/C Lozenges as directed. People w/ Thyroid disorders often cannot convert Beta-carotene to Vit-A, so drop the Bc and take Vit-A soft-gels. I recommend taking the Vit-A by biting down on the gel and bursting it in the mouth while letting it diffuse through-out the entire local area (which includes both the very important Thyroid and Thymus Glands) you can also do this method with the Vit-E swallow slowly.

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