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Publication date: 2018-01-31 21:14.

Thanks! I 8767 ll try it and let you know :-) Do you think it would turn out fine if I substituted cheese soup instead of the chicken?

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Making mac and cheese in the oven doesn 8767 t take much more effort than this. AND it doesn 8767 t use processed food like soup in a can. I just don 8767 t understand why anyone would use that as an ingredient in their food. Simple food, made without processed ingredients, tastes so much better and is better for you. Also, crock pots are for lazy people.

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As a vegetarian what soup would you suggest to replace the chicken? I just fed my family your 8775 lazy lasagna 8776 they said it was the best thing they ever had!! I 8767 m hooked!

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You might like to try reheating on a lower temperature (high temperatures can cause the cheese to separate) and adding a splash of milk if needed for consistency. :)

What about cooking al dente noodles a s freezing ao that in future u can just dump into crock pot? Does anyone think itll work

Thank you! This is delicious! Have you ever tried putting panko on top when baking in the oven? I 8767 ve been looking for a creamy Mac n cheese for my daughters first birthday and this definitely is perfect!

Made this a little leary at first with mac and cheese with mayo and sour cream but thought hey it looks this is INCREDIBLE. the so easy to make. My whole family is in love. I have been told that i better make this one again.

HI Jacqui, What kind of cheese did you use for your children? When I make homemade mac n cheese it doesn 8767 t go over very well with my children. Plus the cheese separates and doesn 8767 t look appetizing.

Love beans 588 weenies! :) I think the swiss will work just fine, might be a little bit of a different flavor but still great I 8767 m sure!

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