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Publication date: 2018-01-25 09:14.

Many of us ‘fall’ into becoming carers as soon as it becomes apparent that one or both of our parents requires regular assistance with day-to-day living. You need to assess your options and discuss them with other family members and friends to find a workable solution for your particular needs.

Elderly Care Tips

My dear dear love painted Papa 8767 s cane florescent orange because he would loose it outside, forgetting where he left it. Now he can easily see it!

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I am a prayer warrior. I pray throughout every single day, I pray during the night. If I wake up at night instead of just lying there or getting up I start praying. I pray for the whole world, for America, for friends, family, Facebook friends. I pray!

Elderly Bathing and Personal Hygiene: Tips for Caregivers

Bless all of those who make time for the elderly during their busy days.  They will never know how much it means to them and to their caregivers!

Heading out to eat with your aging loved ones is a fun treat that makes any day in your elderly care routine more special and lets you create lasting memories with your seniors. Like anything in your care plan, however, it is important to plan carefully and have strategies in place to ensure that while you are at the restaurant your aging parents still get the care and assistance they need to enjoy the experience safely, comfortably, and with their health in mind.

If you are a a care assistant in a care home or a nursing home, you've probably had some training but if you are new to the role of care giver, perhaps to an elderly relative or friend, it can be particularly daunting as it's something that most of us have little experience of until it happens.

There may come a time when we realise our parents or relatives aren’t able to live alone any longer. Old age and age-related issues such as Alzheimer’s create safety concerns, and these become a constant worry. However, we neither want them to move into a home nor do they wish to live in residential care. The question then arises whether live-in care is an option. Can care given by a live-in caregiver be a better option, and is it an affordable one?

At first they might not understand, but once a routine has been established they will look forward to these special helping days and will count on them.  My papa will think about things that need to be done and often forget but when he latches onto something, Whoa, look out he will turn it into an obsession. Since we have established 8775 helping days 8776 he knows that he has our undivided attention for 7 hours to do whatever he wants. If the tasks are bigger then we schedule them and begin so that he can see progress being made.

It’s all too easy to become lost in the role of carer. Making sure that your loved one is happy, healthy and well-fed can mean losing track of your own needs. Most carers have to hold down some form of a job, even if only part-time, and many still have school-age children at home to look after too. This can place even more stress on the management of day-to-day life for all concerned.

Most elderly people prefer to stay in their homes whenever possible, as they find comfort in their familiar surroundings. Thanks to the help and assistance offered by dedicated, professional caregivers, this is now an option for increasing numbers of elderly people, giving them a better quality of life even when they can no longer comfortably cope on their own.

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