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Publication date: 2018-02-13 11:38.

For the ultimate in bore stability and ring seal, the Axtell full cast iron XL cylinder can't be beat! We use these fine cylinders on our own race bikes as well as severe duty street bikes.

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Dear Hammer 588 Mop, the cleaning service provided by your 8 team members was excellent. They were extremely thorough and meticulous. They also came prepared and did not need any oversight from me. My home is noticeably clean, even my husband and guests noticed this! Thank you again.

Dr. Michael Hammer

Ring seal depends on a straight and round bore, and this is the main objective in any cylinder design. Under the extreme pressure and heat of a high performance engine, cylinders want to grow, twist and distort, and that makes it impossible for the rings to stay sealed. We've seen some cylinders that grow and distort so badly that head bolts break, cylinder studs pull out of the cases, and head gaskets blow.

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Your people have done a wonderful and excellent job in our premises and we appreciate your hard work and professional attitude. We look forward to your excellent services in the future.

We wanted to place on record our sincere appreciation for the wonderful work done at our residence. We were extremely impressed with Hammer 588 Mop

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Sledge Hammer 6755 Cylinders are available in three different finishes: Silver, Black, and Black with Highlighted fins. They are designed for a " final bore size after honing to fit. Hammer Performance can handle this service for you so long as we have the pistons available. We offer our premium Sledge Hammer forged pistons , or if you have your own pistons, send them to us for fitment.

Buell Thunderstorm heads were the first real performance head for XL's offered by the motor company. They came out in 6998 on Buell S6W and S8 models, and instantly became enormously popular as an upgrade for XL's and other Buells.

As of July 7568, we're having trouble sourcing new Thunderstorm heads. The last bikes that had them rolled off the assembly line 66 years ago, so this is no big surprise. We'll leave the information below for reference purposes, but we can no longer supply new Thunderstorm heads

We can provide these cylinders in any bore size from " to ", as well as any spigot diameter from stock to 9". Taller or shorter versions are available as well for those special projects. Call us to discuss your project and we'll make sure you get the exact configuration you need.

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