Pneumonia symptoms causes and treatment in hindi

Bacterial Pneumonia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

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Antibiotics are not effective against viral pneumonia. Typically, treatment will be managing symptoms and letting the virus run its course. If there is evidence that a person has also developed bacterial pneumonia, antibiotics may be prescribed. Occasionally, doctors may prescribe antiviral medications to treat viral pneumonia.

Pneumonia: Symptoms, causes, and treatments

Pneumonia can occur in and healthy people, but it is most dangerous for older adults, infants, people with other diseases, and those with impaired immune systems.

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In some cases, a person with viral pneumonia may also develop bacterial pneumonia when bacteria invade the lungs as well. This occurs because the body is trying to fight off the viral infection and the immune system is not as strong as it would be otherwise.


The diagnosis of pneumonia always begins with taking a medical history and performing a physical examination to look for characteristic signs. In particular, listening to the lungs may reveal areas where sound is diminished, wheezing , or crackling sounds in affected areas. Some commonly performed diagnostic tests are as follows:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also recommends a pneumonia vaccine for infants, children, and adults age 65 and older.

Many diseases or conditions may be detected or diagnosed based on a chest X-ray test. A chest X-ray test can also be very helpful in ruling out suspected diagnoses. Some of the common conditions that can be evaluated by a chest X-ray tests are:

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We often hear that pneumonia itself is a complication of a cold or the flu. But pneumonia can get very serious and lead to even more life threatening illnesses. Complications of pneumonia include:

Your doctor will ask you about your symptoms and do a physical exam. He or she may order a chest X-ray and a complete blood count (CBC). This is usually enough for your doctor to know if you have pneumonia. You may need more tests if you have bad symptoms, are an older adult, or have other health problems. In general, the sicker you are, the more tests you may need.

In severe cases of pneumonia, or if the person is at risk of complications, admission to hospital may be needed. Here, fluids will usually be given to help prevent dehydration and oxygen given to help with breathing.

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