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My mother has a high blood pressure and she had also gone through a by pass surgery around 67 years ago.. she also suffers from Atrial fibrillation.. can she take this medicine and is it gonna be beneficial for her in the long run? Please let me know

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When plaque builds up in the arteries, the condition is called atherosclerosis. The buildup of plaque occurs over many years.

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In heart block, the electrical signals that move down to the heart and control the heartbeats are blocked from reaching the lower chambers, or the ventricles. This blockage creates abnormal heart rhythms in which the heart beats faster or slower than normal, a condition referred to as arrhythmia. Patients with second-degree heart block have irregular heartbeats that are slower because not all of the electrical signals reach the ventricles, states Cleveland Clinic. Patients with third-degree heart block have no electrical signals reaching the ventricles, so the heart's pacemaker has to produce the signals but at a slower pace.

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Treating conditions that make a heart attack more likely also can help lower your risk for a heart attack. These conditions may include:

Procedures : If the fast heart rate is felt to be a primary cardiac arrhythmia then procedures may be required, particularly if medications do not work. In the case of SVT, procedures known as ablation can be particularly effective. In patients with Atrial fibrillation an ablation procedure may be useful if medicines aren’t effective and symptoms are present. VT may also be treated in this manner. Ablation procedures are performed by electrophysiologists, who are cardiologists specializing in the electrical system of the heart.

Commonly used blood tests include troponin tests, CK or CK–MB tests, and serum myoglobin tests. Blood tests often are repeated to check for changes over time.

Some people don't have symptoms at all. Heart attacks that occur without any symptoms or with very mild symptoms are called silent heart attacks.

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