Tetanus symptoms causes and treatment in hindi

Tetanus Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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Breathing difficulties may result from neck and chest muscle stiffness. In some people, abdominal and limb muscles are also affected.

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Muscle spasms then spread to the neck and throat, causing difficulties with swallowing. Patients often have spasms in their facial muscles.

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Tetanus is a serious infectious disease which is caused by bacteria. The symptoms of the disease strong and long-lasting muscle spasms are very excruciating. Untreated tetanus  causes to death. Excitation and transmission of tetanus Tetanus is caused by an infection with the bacterium Clostridium tetani.

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Lock jaw treatment of largely depends on the severity of the symptoms. Generally, it is treated with a variety of therapies and medications . The most common method which is widely used is as follow:

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In individuals who exhibit the early symptoms of tetanus or in those whose immunization status is unknown or significantly out of date, the tetanus immunoglobulin (TIG) is given into the muscle surrounding the wound with the remainder of the dose given into the buttocks.

The tetanus neurotoxin causes the muscles to tighten up into a continuous ( tetanic or tonic ) contraction or spasm. The jaw is locked by muscle spasms, giving the name lockjaw (also called trismus ). Muscles throughout the body are affected, including the vital muscles necessary for normal breathing. When the breathing muscles lose their power, breathing becomes difficult or impossible and death can occur without life-support measures (mechanical ventilation). Even with breathing support, infections of the airways within the lungs can lead to death.

Tetanus is often called &ldquo lockjaw&rdquo because one of the most common signs of this infection is tightening of the jaw muscles. Tetanus infection can lead to serious health problems, including being unable to open the mouth and having trouble swallowing and breathing.

We are exposed to many viruses, bacteria and other organisms that can harm us but our immune system is one that fights continuously to save us from different diseases . The danger to our health could range from simple colds to serious medical conditions.

The diagnosis of tetanus is made clinically, based on a patient s history of exposure such as stepping on a rusty nail in the backyard, and by the symptoms present, such as lockjaw, difficulty swallowing , fever , and generalized muscle spasms.

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