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Publication date: 2018-02-03 06:50.

If premature ejaculation is a problem, there are several things your doctor might suggest. Anesthetic sprays or gels are one option, and some antidepressant drugs can delay ejaculation. Talking therapy can help couples with emotional issues about sex, or men can learn stop-start techniques that give them more control. Some condoms include a mild anesthetic to help delay ejaculation.

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This product definitely extends the interaction time without making the penis feeling exhausted. I 8767 d recommend this to anyone with who wants to enjoy a bit longer love session.

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It's also worth reexamining your reasons for wanting to last longer in bed. For instance, is it because you simply want to "measure up" to guys in porn? If so, you have a perception problem. Remember that porn sex isn't real sex and, also, that if you set your expectations way too high, you'll never be satisfied. However, if you desire more stamina because, say, longer penetration helps your partner reach orgasm, then you've got a good reason to explore your options.

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Further randomised controlled trials will be needed to determine whether the PSD557 spray does offer advantages over other treatments for premature ejaculation, such as behavioural or other drug therapies.

This was a double-blind randomised placebo controlled trial. Its aim was to examine the effects of the PSD557 spray on length of intercourse (ejaculatory latency) in men with premature ejaculation. The PSD557 spray contained or lidocaine and prilocaine, both of which are local anaesthetics.

The men in this study all had lifelong premature ejaculation and the spray would not necessarily have the same effect on men without the condition who simply want sex to last longer. The drug is also not “spray-on Viagra”, as it contains different drugs and, unlike Viagra, is not used to treat erectile dysfunction. Further randomised controlled trials are needed to determine whether the PSD557 spray does have advantages over other treatments, such as behavioural or other drug therapies.

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The big question hanging over all of these products, though, is whether they actually deliver. Until recently, that's been hard to say, since almost none of them had been subject to scientific testing to see whether they live up to their bold claims (although European research has provided hints of their potential). But luckily, a study published this year, led by sex researcher Kristen Mark and sex therapist Ian Kerner, took a long, hard look at one of the most popular sprays on the market. Their findings suggest that delay sprays not only have the potential to increase men's sexual stamina, but also to improve the sexual experience for both partners.

All of these guys had subjective premature ejaculation (PE), meaning they didn't technically have PE but felt they weren't lasting long enough and were bothered by this. For reference, PE is usually defined as ejaculating in less than one minute, sometimes before penetration even occurs. Guys in this study reported lasting more than six minutes without the spray, which means they had totally normal sexual stamina (recall that average is minutes).

Although all of this sounds really promising, there are a few important caveats. For one thing, only one delay spray was tested in this trial. As a result, we can't say how well the hundreds of other sprays on the market work—or whether they work at all. Not all of them have the same active ingredient as the one tested here, and even if you just look at other lidocaine-based products, you'll see differences in how concentrated they are.

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