Prickly heat symptoms causes and treatment in hindi

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Publication date: 2018-02-23 23:38.

Though thrombophlebitis is a circulatory problem, the bulging veins can sometimes be a skin problem as well. Find out the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for thrombophlebitis.

Heat Rash: Pictures, Treatment, Causes, Symptoms & Home

In a hot environment, a person should drink enough water to make the urine clear, and make sure the body is producing sweat. Sweat and urine loss also involves electrolyte loss. Although drinking water is good, other fluids such as sports drinks should also be consumed to replace lost electrolytes to avoid other problems like hypokalemia ( low potassium ). People that are taking medications for conditions such as diabetes , kidney problems, and congestive heart failure ( CHF ) need to be especially careful about their fluid intake, and discuss how to avoid hot-weather related problems with their doctor (s).

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Heat Rash Pictures Treatment, Remedies: How to Get Rid of It

Newborns, infants, the elderly, and obese individuals with large areas with skin-on-skin contact areas (for example, a large overlapping area of abdominal fat ) are at risk for developing heat rash. They all are especially at risk if they are immobile for long periods of time and parts of the skin aren t exposed to circulating air, which results in the inability of the sweat ducts to breathe (evaporative cooling).

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Heat rash (prickly heat or miliaria) is a mild inflammation of clogged sweat ducts. When the sweat ducts are blocked the sweat cannot come to the skin surface to evaporate and becomes trapped under the skin. The rash is characterized by small, raised bumps (like coarse sandpaper) spread evenly across small patches of skin. The rash usually goes away on it's own and resolves in hours to a few days.

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In most cases the rash will clear without any treatment. However, severe cases can last for several weeks. One or more of the following may help to treat prickly heat (miliaria) and prevent further episodes from developing:

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