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Why does UK/USA use 110/120V and others use 220/240V

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Santamedical produces the Electronic Pulse Massager that has a ton of reviews and an excellent star rating on Amazon , with out of 5 stars and at the time of writing, it has over 8, 959 customer reviews.


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The Healthmate Forever electronic pulse massager comes with an 665V-795V international travel AC charger. Healthmate helps in the treatment of a number of health ailments such as golf elbow, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis and many more. It you are looking for a tens unit for back pain which also provides acupuncture therapy and helps in weight loss, think about the HealthMate.

In addition to the surveys of smartphone owners that form the main findings of this report, the Pew Research Center also conducted an “experience sampling” survey of smartphone owners as part of this project. In the experience sampling survey, smartphone owners were contacted twice a day over a period of one week and asked how they had used their phone in the hour prior to taking the survey. This analysis offers new insights into how smartphone owners interact with their mobile devices on a day-to-day basis: the features and apps they use the locations where that use happens the issues or problems they use their phones to solve and the emotions they feel as a result.

That is the reason for many of the comments. I 8767 m not sure which comments are 8766 so disrespectful 8767 , but personally, I think you reasoning is flawed.
You say that you leave knowing more than you did before. I say you leave thinking you know more than before.
When the information you take with you is mostly incorrect, what true knowledge did you gain?

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We don 8767 t have 955v lines. Never had. We also never used 665 volt (we used 677 volt) We have 7 x 795v lines and a ground, and between the 795v lines, you measure 955 volt this is what powers most electric furnaces, etc, 7 x 795).
Europe also has hotfill dishwasher and washing machines gas simply heats water cheaper than electricity does for amounts of water over 6- liter, and with the 65-85 degrees the water can get coming from your hot water/central heating unit, it 8767 s more than hot enough to do dishes (as for washing your cloths, 95-65 degrees celcius is more than hot enough, unless you want your pants and shirts to shrink beyond wearability).

As we said , there are a total of 5 pre-programed settings with adjustable speed and intensity. The portable TENS unit comes with four electrode pads which may be hooked up to two different sets of wires, allowing you to treat different areas of your body, or two people at once.

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