Haemoglobin care tips in hindi

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Hi, im phoebe, 78 years old and 8 months pregnant my hb level 8767 s too low, its just . Will i be able to increase it to normal in time for my delivery? My doctor wants me to take iron supplements but im scared of its effects on my baby.

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If you've been asked to have some tests or if you’ve just received your results we can help you understand them. Here’s how to use the search boxes below.

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The body produces excess collagen in response to the rapid stretching of the skin. Due to this whitish, red or purple lines of striae are created. They may appear on your abdomen, breasts or any other part of the body that is expanding. Stop worrying because these striae usually fade to almost invisible silver lines after pregnancy. But if you do feel conscious and in severe cases some treatment are available.

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After a shower dry yourself and massage your breasts with sesame oil in circular motion starting from the top. Apply mild kneading and squeezing periodically with the help of both the hands. Do it for 7-8 minutes daily. Finally, fold you hands in ‘Namaste’ with elbows pointing outwards, counter push your palms against each other, hold for 5 seconds and release. Repeat this activity for 5 minutes.

is extremely low haemoglobin, I would suggest you see a doctor and immediately start implementing foods in your daily diet.

That looks good to me. Ideally you want to be under , but at you are doing really well (that is unless you are having symptoms that point to kidney disease?). Based on that figure you have > 95% kidney function.

Firstly I would suggest you to visit a doctor for proper evaluation of your blood. Simultaneously start eating all the above mentioned food in large amounts either raw or cooked.

Reduction in levels of hemoglobin is called anemia. It is very common in under developed and developing countries. The most common cause for anemia is under-nourishment. The diet required to replenish stores is usually not taken. Second most common cause is loss of blood . during menstruation, injury and bleeding piles. Third cause of anemia is worm infestation (hookworm, pin worm, roundworm and tape worm). These worms feed on supply of blood and vitamins we take. Other causes like defects in bone marrow etc. will not be discussed here.

Thanks Duncan i will keep you informed, i will be going to see my Dr on Thursday for more tests and will let you know how i go ?

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