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Advanced internal fixation techniques improve the underlying support to the upper and lower eyelid skin which smooths the skin and re-creates a natural and youthful eyelid shape. Repairing the ageing supports of the eyelids means excess skin removal is avoided, thus avoiding complications and the 'operated look' seen in traditional techniques of eyelid surgery. Virtually imperceptible scars are hidden along the lash line or in the upper eyelid crease where they are easily concealed with everyday make-up.

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Squamous cell carcinoma and the more common basal cell carcinoma, both cancerous growths, can develop on the eyelid as well as on many other areas of the skin. If a growth on the eyelid doesn't disappear after several weeks, a doctor may perform a biopsy (removal of a specimen and examination under a microscope), and the growth is treated, usually with surgery.

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We encourage you to compare the credentials of the surgeons that you are considering with those of Dr. Levin. Dr. Levin is Ivy League educated. He studied at Johns Hopkins, trained at Duke, and teaches at Stanford all top ranked Medical Schools. Read more under Meet Dr. Levin

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We are a husband-and-wife team of oculoplastic and cosmetic surgeons. We specialize in cosmetic eyelid surgery, BOTOX Cosmetic® , and dermal fillers like Juvederm® , and we see patients at our offices in Bala Cynwyd, PA, Voorhees, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Blepharitis tends to recur and stubbornly resist treatment. It's inconvenient and unattractive but usually not destructive. Occasionally, it can result in a loss of the eyelashes, scarring of the lid margins, and even damage to the cornea.

Tears are a salty fluid that continuously bathes the surface of the eye to keep it moist. This fluid also contains antibodies that help protect the eye from infection. Tears are produced by the lacrimal (tear) glands, located near the outer corner of the eye. The fluid flows over the eye and exits through two small openings in the eyelids (lacrimal ducts) these openings lead to the nasolacrimal duct, a channel that empties into the nose.

More than any other facial feature, the eyes have tremendous impact on your appearance. Most people consider their eyes to be their favourite feature. Unfortunately the appearance and attractiveness of the eyes deteriorates significantly as they age. In fact, the eyes are often the first place to show signs of ageing because the skin is so fine compared with the rest of the face.

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The eyes are the focal point of your face, the windows to your soul, and the first place to show signs of aging. With his expert understanding of the eyes, Dr. Levin enables you to rediscover your natural look. As the years come off, you&rsquo ll feel better about yourself and your appearance.

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