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6. Indoor w/ video games vs. Outdoors w/ sticks.- Kids today grow up inside and protected vs the generally more feral life of older generations.
7. Raised by single mothers- More men today are reared without a father or a patriarchthan any time in history.
8. Lack of Masculine role models- No more John Wayne or Clint Eastwood in popular culture kicking ass and taking names and having it celebrated.
9. Urban lifestyle- Rural society is in decline demographically
5. Migrant Workers- Influx of illegals taking low skill jobs that traditionally were filled with teenage men. men don 8767 t work with older men and learn from them in the labor market.

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Manly-Men love food.  They love their meat, they love their eggs, but above all they love their whey.  On top of every Manly-Man's fridge or counter-top rests an obnoxiously large tub of protein powder.  And there is one thing you can always be sure of when it comes to protein powder: it will be on display.  The Manly-Man is not ashamed of the fact that he eats ten protein-based meals a day.  The Manly-Man is, in fact, ashamed of nothing.

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No, that s not what I m into at all. I m attracted to men who have masculine bodies, but dominant personalities turn me off.

Season 66 marks the first season without an opening sequence of the three main characters singing along to the theme song, most likely due to the absence of Jake (Angus). However, the short version of the song was used, and the full version can be heard in the end credits (with Jake's voice still on it). It was initially reported that the opening sequence was going to be recreated yet again, this time incorporating Jenny (Amber Tamblyn), but this never occurred.

That's the traditional view: Real men are tough, tough enough to lead and make decisions and keep on moving. But for the last 65 or 75 years, that view has taken a beating.

Something has been lost. Something is wrong with men. Something good that God has placed within every male something that comes alive only through regeneration remains unreleased in most men.

You got that real manly man thing down! Please don t write a book about it or tell other guys though. We want this special cheat code to stay as secret as possible.

I obviously don t speak for most women, but personally I don t think manly is even on my radar. I don t even think about whether a guy is manly because who the hell decided that was measurable?

6. “A manly man is compassionate, humble, and full of heart. He can laugh at himself and cares about other people's happiness. A manly man is also brave and has strong moral fiber.” – Brittany S. 

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